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IN VIVO | the nature of nature

IN VIVO | the nature of nature

Tara Sellios

Testimony (2015-ongoing)

In her painterly work in progress TESTIMONY, Tara Sellios uses dried insects, animal skeletons and other organic material to capture the unpolished beauty and power of the natural world. She arranged the organic material in an extremely precise way, almost to the point of sculptural still lifes, which with their huge format refer to the tradition of painted altarpieces. In the composition, Sellios took inspiration from the end of time, filling the sky with falling or flying angels, demons and other beings. She wants to evoke an emotional response with her work, in which wonder and seduction, fear and aversion go hand in hand and appeal to the primal instincts that are omnipresent in the natural world.


Tara Sellios (United States, 1987) obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Photography at The Art Institute of Boston in 2010, where she still lives and works today. The magazine Art New England named her ‘an emerging photographer to keep an eye on’.