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Terra Cognita - Urban Jungle

Terra Cognita - Urban Jungle

Traer Scott

Natural History (2009-2011)

During the summers when she was nine and ten, Traer Scott spent her time in the local natural history museum. Her mother worked there as a volunteer, and wanted to save on the cost of child minders. Since that time Scott has cherished an enormous affection for everything that is old and mysterious. In her series NATURAL HISTORY she brings the dead and the living – the collection and the often young visitors – together.

  • Hunting Dogs


  • Gazelle



Traer Scott (United States, 1973) has done the photo books Shelter Dogs (2006), Street Dogs (2007) and Wild Horses: Endangered Beauty (2008). She publishes frequently in magazines such as National Geographic, LIFE and Vogue, and won the Helen Woodward Humane Award for her work on behalf of animal welfare. She teaches photography at the Rhode Island School of Design. 


Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

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