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Data Rush

Data Rush

Travis Hodges

The Quantified Self (2014-2015)

With the smartphone and wearable sensor technology accessible to all, users can measure everything about themselves: from the amount of movement, sleep, and the precise shape and measurements of the body to moods and the number of drinks consumed. Once the domain of scientists and nerds, self-tracking is rapidly developing into a new trend. Although most self-trackers want to get better acquainted with or improve themselves, Travis Hodges shows in his series THE QUANTIFIED SELF that individual considerations can vary just as much as the data collected.


Travis Hodges (South Africa, 1981) lives and works in London as a documentary, news and commercial photographer. He is fascinated by the process in which technology is evolving from science fiction into a central role in everyday life. His work has been awarded the Flash Forward 2015 by the Magenta Foundation, the Observer Hodge Award, and the Vodafone World of Difference residency three times.