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An Ocean of Possibilities

An Ocean of Possibilities

Weixiang Lim

Our Coastline

The city-nation Singapore occupies an island with a coastline of 194 kilometers, making it somewhat smaller than the city of Hamburg. The photographer Weixiang Lim suggests that for Singaporeans, the coastline is a clear limitation. This natural barrier causes the population to look ambitiously beyond their borders, in search of something more that will calm their restlessness.


Weixiang Lim (Singapore, 1981) worked for years as a photographer for The Straits Times, Singapore's most important English language newspaper, before he set up as a freelance photographer. In 2011 the local photo collective PLATFORM cited Lim as one of the ten fastest-rising photographers in Singapore. Recent Our Coastline appeared in book form, as part of the celebration of Singapore's half-century of independence in 2015.