What do we offer?

Noorderlicht is a socially engaged institution, that seeks to stimulate both involvement in social issues and appreciation for photography. With an eye to this, Noorderlicht organizes a wide range
Through them young people and adults can discover the versatility of a medium that tells stories, informs, moves and criticizes.


Through its educational programme Noorderlicht supplies young people with instruments to critically interpret images – and with that, the world. The educational programme includes a lesson method for school use, special school projects, viewer's guides to the Photofestival, and guided tours of both shows in the gallery and the festival.
Note: Educational programme and viewer's guides are available in Dutch only.

Euroclasses on Documentary Photography

The Euroclasses on Documentary Photography are a first step in a photographic career. Noorderlicht organises these short workshops for excellent graduates of (inter)national Art Academies.

Northern Lights Masterclass

The Northern Lights Masterclass is the next step in their career in photojournalism for many talented young photographers from all over the world. It is a one-year masterclass for professional photojournalists and documentary photographers.

Lectures, discussions, films

Noorderlicht organizes a diverse programme of activities surrounding its annual photo festival, with lectures, discussions, presentations and films. But such activities also take place regularly in the Noorderlicht Photogallery throughout the year.

In 2012 Noorderlicht will be developing various activities in connection with the project The Sweet and Sour Story of Sugar. These will include an educational multimedia programme, a number of lectures and presentations, a workshop on colonial photography, and an academic conference in cooperation with the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.


Information or reservations?
Please contact Corine Hörmann at +31 50 3182227 or by mail: