Masterclass Northern Lights 2010-2011


Noorderlicht has teamed up with curator Marc Prüst and Lars Boering of Lux Photo Gallery to design a one-year master class for professional photojournalists and social documentary photographers. It aims at developing their skills as photographers and in marketing their own work. This master class sets itself apart through its long-term format and intensive assistance throughout the year. On this page, you can find the results of the first edition of the Masterclas, season 2010-2011.

“The masterclass has given me a new network of international photographers, who will hopefully stay in touch which gives us new options in showing or making work elsewhere.”

Gitte Brugman, participant masterclass Northern Lights 2010-2011 

 “Na de masterclass ben je beter in staat een goed portfolio samen te stellen en heb je meer skills om je werk  internationaal te promoten en te presenteren.”

Inge Hondebrink, participant masterclass Northern Lights 2010-2011

 “I would definitely recommend this masterclass to anybody who felt as though they needed help with both the artistic and business side of working as a photographer.“

Jean Curran, participant masterclass Northern Lights 2010-2011

“It was a great insight in the market and the choices decision makers in the field of photography, art buyers, editors and agents have to make when working with photographers.”

Jeroen Toirkens, participant masterclass Northern Lights 2010-2011

“For me the reason for participating in the masterclass was to take my independent projects to a higher level. To learn how to work in series and to tell stories.

But it gave me much more than that. [...] The masterclass has given me more confidence and also the trust to step forward with my work at portfolioreviews and potential clients.”
Laura Zwaneveld, participant masterclass Northern Lights 2010-2011

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  • Masterclass Northern Lights 2011-2012