Masterclass Northern Lights 2012-2013

The next step in your photographic career

After two successful editions, curator Marc Prüst and Lars Boering (Lux Photo Gallery) are continuing their cooperation with Noorderlicht with a third edition of the unique one year master class for professional photojournalists and social documentary photographers. It aims at developing their skills as photographers and as marketers of their own work.


The selected photographers will get together at the gallery space of Noorderlicht in Groningen, the Netherlands. Under the direct guidance of Boering and Prüst, they will work on a themed project, for one year, in three sessions of four days each. Each meeting will be attended by at least two professionals from the photography business to instruct the photographers on photographic skills, but also on issues like marketing the work and finding a gallery. Top names from the industry will be working together with talented photographers to help them advance in their career.

First session: 13 - 16 september 2012

This session aims at getting to the heart of what it is all about: the image. The participants will also get to know each other’s work and reflect on it. Main points during this session are composition, structure of a photographic image, and how to read a photograph. These points will be covered during one day by Financial Times photography critic Francis Hodgson.  Adriaan Monshouwer, who was the secretary for the World Press Photo jury for 12 years, will give his vision on visual storytelling. Together with Prüst and Boering, they will guide the students during this first gathering.

Second session: 24 - 27 January 2013

The second session turns to the contents of the story: journalistic elements like story telling, ethics, research, and setting up a long-term project. During this session, Magdalena Herrera, director of photography of GEO France magazine will go further into the practical runnings of today’s market, and will open the BlackBox of the magazine. Claudine Boeglin, multimedia director Thomson Reuters Foundation will give a first introduction to multimedia productions, and what the added value of multimedia is for photography.

Third session: 23 - 26 May 2013

The third and final session focuses on getting the story out there: preparing for publication or exhibition, introducing the work to the right people. DMB Media founder David Birkitt will join the group during this session to explain the workings of the marketplace. Freelance Creative Director Rob van Bracht will talk about effective marketing and how to approach potential clients and partners in the photography business.

Yearlong meetings with experts

Each meeting will be organized around group discussions and individual meetings aimed at developing the assigned project. For each session two guest lecturers are invited to work with the group. In between the sessions Prüst and Boering will be available to answer questions, to direct participants to the right people in the business and to assist participants in the creation of their projects.

This master class sets itself apart from most classes because of its long term setup. Not just a weekend, but a year long intensive assistance to become even better at what photographers should do: making the right image for the right story.

Costs for participating in this unique project are 1975 euro ex VAT. We can also organize stay for you in Groningen, for 90 euro per night.

For more information please contact:

All names of guest lecturers are provisional. The course will go through only when the minimum number of paying participants is confirmed.

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