For Noorderlicht photography is a socially inspired medium which functions as a window on the world, and which can play a role in social discussions and processes. Our visual documents attempt to provide critical insight on current issues. Out of its engagement and passion for the medium Noorderlicht brings Dutch (and even international) audiences into contact with high-quality, socially committed photography from around the world. Moreover, Noorderlicht seeks to encourage the production of such photography.

Noorderlicht is the Dutch address for international photography. We cover the whole world, are an innovative platform for new talent, and a link between photographers, curators and media. We work frequently with non-Western photographers, in this way providing a counterbalance to the dominance of Western photography in the media. Ultimately it is our aim to help abolish the forced distinction that now still prevails with regard to photography from different continents.

At the same time, Noorderlicht has strong ties in the Northern Netherlands. That is where our roots lie, and we feel a deep affinity with that region. Therefore Noorderlicht chooses to continue to invest in the climate for photography in the North. We advocate the balanced and fair distribution of art and culture in The Netherlands, and supply the evidence that internationally active, high-quality art institutions can operate out of the region effectively.