Submitting work

for Noorderlicht festivals, exhibitions and projects

Professional photographers and curators are welcome to submit their work or proposals throughout the year. Most Noorderlicht exhibitions we curate and produce ourselves, so we are always looking for interesting, innovative and high quality work for the annual Photofestival, the exhibitions in the Noorderlicht Photogallery and for contributions to the Noorderlicht Projects.

Please first read the following:


Conditions and Directives

Noorderlicht welcomes work and proposals by professional photographers, artists, curators and organizations from all over the world.

If the work is submitted for a specific project or theme such as the annual photofestival, please indicate this clearly. For submissions for the festival, a deadline applies.

We highly appreciate photo series, but we ccasionally work with single images as well.

Noorderlicht is rooted in documentary photography and aims to show the large scope of the genre. Besides that, we show photography of all styles and genres. All photography is welcome.

We especially welcome recent projects and even projects that are still in progress. Older and historical work is not excluded, but is less selected.

We prefer work that has not been shown in the Netherlands before.

Photography-based videos and multi media presentations are also welcome.

There is no minimum or maximum number of photos that may be sent. We ask for a relevant selection that sufficiently represents the quality and subject of the work. Sumbitting several different works, series or projects is allowed.

Most exhibition prints are produced by Noorderlicht itself. If your work gets selected, you will be consulted on the presentation of your work.


We ask no registration fee. You may submit your work free of charge.

We accept digital submissions only.*
We of course do exhibit analog work and original prints.

Your submission should be accompanied by (word or pdf file in Dutch or English only):

  • curriculum vitae with full contact details
  • clear description of the work
  • synopsis of this description in 100 words at most
  • any additional documentation you feel is needed, such as publications (not required)
  • if applicable: any specifications for presenting the work that we must take into account, such as special (fixed) formats or materials

Your image files should be sent:

  • in JPEG, JPG or TIFF format
  • saved with a resolution of appr. 1000 x 1500 pixels
  • in RGB or grayscale mode (no CMYK)
  • in one layer
  • with color profiles included, in case color management is used

Please do not send your original high-res files when submitting.

*) As an exception prints and publications will be accepted in case there is an obvious reason why the work can not be viewed in digital form. In this case always send along a set of scans.
Submitted material will not be returned. The only exceptions are one-offs such as dummies or special prints. Those are only to be returned when so specifically requested and a return address is listed.


Submissions can be addressed to Wim Melis (curator). Digital submissions through email or an online file sharing service.


Please do not exceed the limit of 15 Mb per email. If you need to send more, you can send multiple emails or use an online file sharing service like or

In both cases, we prefer the use of a zipped folder with a unique name, f.i. Surname_Name-Title.

You will receive a confirmation within two weeks.