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Press Release Date: 14-10-2015
Carlos Spottorno
Wealth Management & The Pigs
Exhibition / 
17 October 2015
10 January 2016

This autumn the Noorderlicht Photogallery shows two projects by the Spanish documentary photographer Carlos Spottorno, in which he uses humour and satire to offer social critique. In Wealth Management he parodies the services that banks provide to make the rich richer. In The Pigs Spottorno takes aim at the media and their prejudices regarding the European economy. The book won him the prestigious Kassel Photobook Award in 2013.

With a past history in the advertising world, Carlos Spottorno (Budapest, 1971) has a special interest in the language and marketing tools of the financial industry. In his recent book Wealth Management he parodies the professional services that banks offer for their wealthy private clients. In the form of an advertising brochure from the fictitious WTF bank, Wealth Management takes on the forces that make the rich richer. Utilizing tax havens and smart fiscal constructions, the clients of these banks can profit from confidential information and an extensive and influential network. Their capital can only grow, while governments never see a penny of the taxes that should be due.

The Pigs (an acronym for Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) uses satiric images to critique the way the financial press depicted these four southern European countries during the economic crisis. Designed to look like the British weekly The Economist, Spottorno here orchestrates a head on collision between the proud history of these countries and contemporary economic realities.

I have attempted to illustrate the stereotypes brought up by the term PIGS. In other words, what we would see if we were to translate into images the articles we read in the financial press. This is how I imagine economists see us. The result is a collection of clichés, both true and incomplete. The same way a travel guide carefully avoids anything seemingly unattractive, this book shows much of what we find embarrassing, oftentimes rightly, and at times unfairly.’

  • Carlos Spottorno
  • Wealth Management & The Pigs
  • 17 Oct 2015 - 10 Jan 2016
  • Noorderlicht Photogallery
  • Akerkhof 12, 9711 JB Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Opening hours: Wed – Sun, noon – 6 pm
  • Free admission
  • www.noorderlicht.com
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