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PRESS RELEASE Date: 04-07-2016
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16 July
11 September

Noorderlicht Photogallery opens itself up this summer for a Gallery Takeover* by the Instagram feed EverydayClimateChange by James Whitlow Delano. Photographers from all continents share photographs which make us aware of the problems surrounding climate change. The exhibition opens on 16 July with a small number of key images and will subsequently expand with new photographs as they appear on the feed. Noorderlicht invites visitors to repeatedly visit the gallery to experience the growing story of this extraordinary and dynamic exhibition.

EverydayClimateChange shares photographs made on all continents to present visual evidence that climate change doesn't just happen 'over there' but that it is also happening right here. The initiator, photojournalist James Whitlow Delano believes in the power of photography to reach a wide and varied audience with urgent issues.

'Photography is most powerful when it can communicate deeper meaning by freezing transience.  No other medium can better reveal deeper truths, than a camera can in the hands of someone who understands its unique potential.'
Delano stresses that it's not a Western view on climate change. The photographers come from all parts of the world and are 'as diverse as the cultures in which we were all raised. EverydayClimateChange presents the work of committed, enlightened photographers who share back stories, contextualizing not only the effects of climate change but also potential’.

#EverydayClimateChange shows work by, among others, Caroline Bennett, Ashley Crowther, James Whitlow Delano, Matilde Gattoni, Amnon Gutman, Katharina Hesse, Coleen Jose, Ed Kashi, J.B. Russell, Vlad Sokhin, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Sara Terry and Franck Vogel.
The whole group consists of 34 photographers, who have so far posted more than 1,200 photos



photo: foto: Amnon Gutman

* An ‘Instagram Takeover’ is a well-known phenomenon in photography. A photographer or curator is given access to an organisation's Instagram feed to freely post photos and comments for a limited period of time. Noorderlicht turns this around.

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