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Newsletter Date: 23-06-2010
Forthcoming exhibition: Congo belge en images
Exhibition / 
10 July
8 August

Congo belge en images

Noorderlicht shows two exhibitions on Congo

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of Congo, Noorderlicht is showing two exhibitions on the country. The first one, Congo belge en images, is the result of an expedition through the photography collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa. Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer and architectural historian Johan Lagae selected unconventional photographs from the period of the Congo Free State (1885-1908), when the African population was decimated by the consequences of inhumane practices in the rubber and ivory trade. The photographs, which were chosen not so much for their documentary value as for their photographic quality, unsettle all the clichés about this specific period from Belgium's colonial past. 

Opens on Friday 9 July at 5 p.m. Speakers: Carl De Keyzer and Johan Lagae 

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© Collection of KMMA Tervuren

The second exhibition, 'Congo (belge)' will be on show from 14 August through 3 October. This exhibition by Carl De Keyzer is devoted to modern Congo. 'Congo belge en images' and 'Congo (belge)' are for the first time shown in the Netherlands.

Location: Noorderlicht Photogallery
Akerkhof 12, Groningen NL
Open: Wed thru Sun 12:00-18:00h
Admission: free
10 July through 8 August

Jeroen Kramer wins Dutch Doc Award

The first Dutch Doc Award went to Jeroen Kramer and his book Room 103. He was awarded in the category 'best documentary project from 2009'. The jury praised Kramer for his powerfull images and the astounding candour of his texts:

"The photographer has shown himself able to handle a fundamental subject, and to substantively and convincingly connect this with the practice and morality of the documentary photographer, and in particular with his own practice and ethics."   

Jeroen Kramer has been working as a freelance photojournalist in the Middle East since 2001. He reported on the second Palestinian intifada and the American invasion of Iraq. Searching for images of affection, intimacy and beauty in the Middle East torn by conflict redirected his approach to a more poetic, autonomous way of working.

Room 103 was published last year by Noorderlicht.    

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Jeroen Kramer receives the award from Lex ter Braak, director of the Fund BKVB. © Photo by Boudewijn Bollman.

Master Class Northern Lights

Submissions welcome

The submission period for the master class Northern Lights has started. We invite photographers to register now. 

Noorderlicht has teamed up with curator Marc Prüst and Lars Boering of Lux Photo Gallery to design a one-year master class for professional photojournalists and social documentary photographers. It aims at developing their skills as photographers and in marketing their own work. This master class sets itself apart because of its long-term format and intensive assistance throughout the year.

Each meeting will be attended by at least two professionals from the photography business. For the first meeting these are Magnum photographer Paolo Pellegrin and Financial Times photography critic Francis Hodgson. 

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© Paolo Pellegrin, Magnum Photos

A registration form is available on our website. Need help? Feel free to contact us.

Order the award winning Room 103

Images from the Middle East

Foto8's review on Room 103: "Its strenght as an incongruous mix of word, image and emotion emerges after being immersed in the personal stories of love and death."

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