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Newsletter Date: 19-06-2015
The Devil May Care
exhibition / 
27 June
16 August

“Common sense and a sense of humour are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humour is just common sense, dancing. Those who lack humour are without judgment and should be trusted with nothing.” - Clive James

This summer five young photographers /visual artists will come to thoroughly shake up the Noorderlicht Photogallery. In The Devil May Care, running from June 27 to August 16, they respond to the challenge of guest curator Hester Keijser for more guts and playfulness in photography. The exhibition includes photographs, videos, installations and perfomance.


Dear photography,

Why have you grown so painfully serious and formal in these times? Where is your playfulness, the skips and jumps, the mucking about, your devil may care attitude that laughs about rules and conventions? Show me the ones who dare have genuine, generous fun with the camera, in front of the camera, behind the screen or with the images they end up making, finding, destroying and reconfiguring.


a curator

After writing this letter to photography, the curator travelled far and wide to seek work that spoke to her of laughter, candour and a generosity of spirit. She asked around and was handed many cards of those who were great performers before imaginary crowds of admiring onlookers. No, she said, these are not the ones I am looking for. Their games, however artful and entertaining, I find to be too self-conscious, premeditated, supervised, monitored.

And she went on until she found those whose work did not belie the unadulterated fun that is lived with friends and family, and whose playfulness made light of the unwritten rules in photography. The curator’s heart rejoiced, and she gathered her findings in an exhibition for which she stole a title from a book that borrowed it from a song that used an expression which reportedly goes back to pirates in the 18th century, and which suits perfectly: The Devil May Care

Here the curator’s story ends, and another one begins for Aso Mohammadi (CH), Augustin Rebetez (CH), Kenta Cobayashi (JP), Eman Ali (OM) and Vendula Knopová (CZ). These five ‘enfants terribles’ parented by contemporary photography were singled out to present their work in a magic summer show at Noorderlicht Photogallery from June 27th to August 16th.

You are welcome to join us for the celebration on Friday June 26th at 5 pm, in the presence of Aso Mohammadi, Eman Ali en Vendula Knopová, who will give a performance to mark the launch of her new book Tutorial.

  • The Devil May Care
  • 27 June - 16 August
  • Noorderlicht Photogallery
  • Akerkhof 12, 9711 JB Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Opening hours Wed – Sun, noon – 6 pm
  • Free admission
  • www.noorderlicht.com

This exhibition is made possible with the support of Stead Bureau and the Swiss cultural institute Pro Helvetia.

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Extra - Extra - Extra Ordinary

Artist Talks

Saturday 27 June - Noorderlicht Photogallery

Aso Mohammadi, Eman Ali and Vendula Knopová will speak about their work and practice, as situated within their respective communities in Switzerland, Bahrain and Czech Republic.

The program takes place on Saturday 27 June from 3 - 6 pm at the Noorderlicht Gallery.

Admission is free. Come as you are! 

For interviews, images and questions, please contact us via: publicity@noorderlicht.com, +31 (0)50 318 22 27.

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