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Newsletter Date: 19-08-2015
Welcome to the Noorderlicht Photofestival 2015 in Groningen


with 76 photographers and projects from 31 countries

From 23 August until 11 October, Noorderlicht returns to the Old Sugar Factory in Groningen for the 22nd Noorderlicht International Photofestival.

In DATA RUSH, internationally renowned photographers and multimedia artists take stock of the digital era. We surround ourselves with virtual networks, but to what extent do we still have control over our data? The Fesitval is coupled with two sideline exhibitions and an in-depth programme focusing on the theme of privacy and surveillance.

This year, half of the human population has access to the Internet. In the main exhibition DATA RUSH, Noorderlicht holds our digital life up to the light. We connect everything with everything, but what happens behind our screens? In new and existing work, around fifty artists show the field of tension between digital freedom and the battle for our data. For the first time, Noorderlicht will also show 3D installations and work by multimedia artists in collaboration with When Art Meets Science (WAMS).
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The second international group exhibition of the festival, PULSE, shows the poetic responses of sixteen photographers to the world around them. In what has now become a classical, timeless way of taking photographs, in which references to photographers such as Daido Moriyama and William Klein can be identified, the intuitive and grating work of these photographers is diametrically opposed to DATA RUSH, and at the same time enters into a dialogue with it.
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In the Noorderlicht Photography Gallery, guest curators Andrea Stultiens and Alexander Supartono present a twofold exhibition concerning photography studios in Uganda and South and Southeast Asia.
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Debate and lectures

Noorderlicht and WAMS will be presenting a cross-over programme during DATA RUSH in which artists and scientists reflect on developments in the virtual world. On Sunday 23 August, this will kick off with concerning the tension between freedom and control, privacy and surveillance. It starts at 15:00 hrs in the Oude Suikerfabriek (Old Sugar Factory) and admission is free.

Following on from this, field experts will hold lectures on three separate Sundays during the festival.
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Acces Old Sugar Factory

new entrance to the area!

The entrance to the Old Sugar Factory is located on the Energieweg, near the Groningen ring road (exit Centrum/Hoendiep). The Factory is accessible on foot and by bicycle via a new bridge across the canal (Hoendiep).

For disabled people there is possibility to park near the Old Sugar Factory.

Please visit our site for details on the route, parking and admission prices.

For interviews, images and questions, please contact us via: publicity@noorderlicht.com, +31 (0)50 318 22 27.

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