• Linda Forsell, from 'Shaking Off'

  • Seba Kurtis, from 'Drowned'

  • Vincent Delbrouck, from 'Beyond History'

Closing In

Lauren Heinz

Is the classic form of documentary photography our best guarantee of getting a truthful picture of conflict situations?

Not per se, says Foto8 editor Lauren Heinz in Closing In. She selected work that appears to undercut accepted truths, which through new ways of working offers an emotionally charged perspective on conflict areas. Adam Patterson worked intensively with gang members in Brixton, South London, while Lurdes Basoli made an intimate report on the everyday violence in the favelas of Caracas. Seba Kurtis – once an illegal himself – is concerned with the lot of illegal immigrants. Near the Canary Islands, where many African boat refugees have drowned, he threw his own exposed films into the sea, in order to print and present only the images that ‘survived’.

Combining the personal with the universal in this way does not result in ‘pure’ registration – but we feel the passion and rage of the makers.

Venue: Der Aa-kerk


Lurdes R. Basoli (ES)
Vincent Delbrouck (BE)
Linda Forsell (SE)
Seba Kurtis (AR)
Wayne Liu (US)
Adam Patterson (GB)