Marc Prüst

In collaboration with the French photo bureau Agence VU’, freelance curator Marc Prüst (NL, 1975) assembled an exhibition in which the struggle of the individual within a society that rejects him is central: the struggle to assimilate by changing oneself, the struggle to bring society to the point of acceptance, the escape into intoxicants and drugs, self-destruction or luxury when the energy for, or faith in change is gone.

Prüst drew on the rich collection of Agence VU’, and in so doing created a nuanced, balanced picture of the ways in which people deal with the expectations of society. 

Venue: Der Aa-kerk


Massimo Berruti (IT) 
Lorenzo Castore (IT) 
Michael Grieve (GB) 
Pieter ten Hoopen (SE) 
Arja Hyytiäinen (FR/DE) 
Kosuke Okahara (FR)