Point of No Return

Stuart Franklin

The recent Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip lasted 22 days. During that time it was almost impossible for outsiders to get an accurate image of the situation. The Israeli army had sealed off the region from access by international media, so that reporting became entirely the responsibility of local news hawks. Especially for Noorderlicht former Magnum president Stuart Franklin travelled to Gaza to speak with Palestinian photographers.

The exhibition Point of No Return shows their work: raw photojournalism that was done under the most difficult circumstances imaginable. The photographs by Mohammed Saber, Mahmoud Hams, Mohammed Baba, Abid Katib, Said Katib, Hatem Moussa, Ashraf Amra, Eyad Baba, Khalil Hamra, Fadi Adwan and Ali Ali rise above the level of detached reporting.

Venue: Der Aa-kerk



Mohammed Abed
Fadi Adwan
Ali Ali
Ashraf Amra
Eyad Baba
Khalil Hamra
Mahmud Hams
Abid Katib 
Said Katib
Hatem Moussa
Mohammed Saber

Mohammed Abed awarded by World Press Photo

We are pleased to inform you that Mohammed Abed (AFP) won 3rd prize Stories at World Press Photo 2010 with his series about the attack on Gaza Strip.