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The One Minutes - City One Minutes

Buildings, squares, cars, bicycles, people, money, poverty, order, chaos: a city is an organism, living twenty-four hours a day and changing every hour. Artists living or briefly residing in cities across the world reveal, in a contemporary way, how they experience city life. They make a one minute video for each hour of the day. Together, these twenty-four fragments form a collective art work, describing one city.

For City One Minutes the Movie, different artists are asked to make a one-minute video of a different hour of the day. Together, these 24 visions form a collective artwork about a city.

City One Minutes is a project of The One Minutes Foundation and Holland Doc 24, the digital documentary channel of the Dutch Public Broadcast Organization NPO. Holland Doc 24 is managed by the public broadcast company VPRO. Concept: Hansje van Etten (Holland Doc 24/VPRO), Jos Houweling (The One Minutes)

The One Minutes

The One Minutes Foundation has been promoting the making and screening of audio-visual work lasting exactly one minute since 1998. Over the years, The One Minutes Foundation has evolved into a global network of video-makers and venues in almost 100 countries. The One Minutes presents glimpses of the world, explores the spirit of the age and enables artists to show their work in museums, on the Internet, TV, festivals, outdoor movie screens and mobile phones. There is no other initiative in the Netherlands that receives so many videos a year and serves as many video art venues.


Location: Het Filiaal
Akerkhof 10, across the Der Aa-church
Open: Tuesday through Sunday 11.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Admission: with day/ month passe-partout  (for sale in Der Aa-church)
The exhibition is wheelchair friendly