• Shahidul Alam

  • Adolphus Opara - Lagos

  • Lino Hellings

P.A.P.A. / _notDef - Public Bedroom

Participating Artists' Press Agency (P.A.P.A.) is an international network of artists/photographers created and led by Lino Hellings. This international group of photographers share the same projects, whilst exploring his/her own country separate from one another. The projects can be self-initiated or commissioned by third parties.

P.A.P.A. operates with a solid ‘question and research’ mentality. Which is done on the spot by the local P.A.P.A. correspondents (whom all enjoy an acclaimed international status).
P.A.P.A. works on the bases of ‘reading the street’. Correspondents go on photowalks and capture  ‘that what catches the eye’. Subsequently ‘they read the pictures out loud’ by adding texts and keywords to the images. Regularly posting them to P.A.P.A.’s shared photoblog: www.papaplatform.com

P.A.P.A. is the collaborative work of:

  • Detroit/USA: Marcin Szczepanski
  • Dhaka/Bangladesh: Shahidul Alam
  • Lagos/Nigeria: Toye Gbade, Tuoyo Omagba, Israel Ophori, Folarin Shasanya, Andrew Esiebo, Adolphus Opara, Eremina Jumbo
  • Sao Paulo/Brazil: Zé Barretta, Luciana Camargo, Ines Correa, Felipe Denuzzo, Marcelo Ferrelli, Giovana Pasquini , Sylvia Sanchez
  • Netherlands: Erika Blikman, Maurice Bogaert, Robin van ‘t Haar, Lino Hellings, Rob van Maanen, Nies Medema, Martijn Nieuwenhuis.
  • Bishkek/Kyrgystan: eleven students of ArtEast.

The development of P.A.P.A. has been made possible with the kind support of The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Hivos Culture Fund and Artscollaboratory.

Public Bedroom

The photo series Public Bedroom shows how, in spite of the functional organization of public space, people always find their own way of using it. Regardless of its intended or ‘pure’ purpose.

The exposition creates a ‘narrative space’ where the still photos of sleeping people are submerged in beamed imagery, physical attributes and city soundscapes. This ‘narrative space’ allows the visitors to become emotionally bond to the theme. Inviting the visitors to perhaps even use the space as their own public bedroom.
The exposition is designed and developed by notDef, a design lab from Rotterdam. NotDef combines several disciplines through a process based design strategy and specializes in interactive digital media installations. 


Location: Het Filiaal
Akerkhof 10, across the Der Aa-church
Open: Tuesday through Sunday 11.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Admission: with day/ month passe-partout  (for sale in Der Aa-church)
The exhibition is wheelchair friendly 

Website P.A.P.A.