• Janna Bathorn

Janna Bathoorn / Marieke de Rooij - Bathorner Torfshake en Bookweeten Janhinnerk / Groningen businesses

Two Groningen photographers in the small print shop at the foot of the Der Aa-kerk.

Janna Bathoorn - Bathorner Torfshake and Bookweeten Janhinnerk

Janna Bathoorn went to the Emsland region in Germany in search of the origins of her family name. She discovered that her first name also has its roots in that area. All the men in her family, and indirectly she herself, have first names derived from the word for the local pancake. In addition to milkshakes, pancakes and merriment, the hamlet of Bathorn also has a more sombre side.

Marieke de Rooij - Groningen businesses

Big chain stores dominate the street scene in most Dutch shopping precincts. Marieke de Rooij went out into the city of Groningen in search of an increasingly rare species, the small retailer. She recorded the owners in their authentic businesses.


Drukkerij de Marge
Akerkhof 20b
050 3182797


Opening hours
Monday till Friday 9-17 hrs
Saturday and Sunday 12-17 hrs


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