• Bé Zwart

Bé Zwart - De Eendracht. De laatste beelden.

De Eendracht

In 2006 the strawboard factory ‘De Eendracht’ in Appingedam closed its doors following bankruptcy. Three years later the photographer Bé Zwart found the factory exactly as it was left: shoes and coats in the lockers, hard hats still on the table. After almost a century of activity, now stillness reigns.

Also to be seen: memorial books and objects by Sacha de Ven.

Perhaps the oldest exhibition space in the North, in a 17th century warehouse on the Damsterdiep.


De Noordelijke Kunsthof
Blankenstein 2, Appingedam
(opposite HEMA)
0596 624488


Opening hours
Friday till Sunday 14-17 hrs
Opening: 17 September, 4 p.m., guests Willem Friedrich, author of the book De laatste strohalm, and Nellian Dijkema, funeral director.


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