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Leescafé Belcampo

Sabina Theijs has published in Guide to Unique Photography and other journals. She spent months travelling through the United States for In Search of Americans: portraits of real Americans.

Jan Zeeman was a photographer for the Dagblad van het Noorden and now works as a freelancer. The series Zayneb, from Baghdad was submitted for the Silver Camera, 2009.

Wall, Wolters-Noordhoff hall

For The Secret of Princes Iruna & Other Evocative Stories photographer Rein Paalman worked primarily with Noblex Panorama cameras, which have an angle of view like that of the human eye.


Tom van der Leij is a travel photographer. In 2008 he received the European Photographer Award from CTO (the Caribbean Tourism Organisation). To be seen here: Africa! Plays Football!

1st storey

Jan Hendrik van der Veen's passion is social photography. He finds his subjects on journeys to distant lands, but also here in Groningen. Seen here: Traditions


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