• David Maroto

David Maroto - First Circle

David Maroto's work reveals a layered use of photography, with overlaps with other disciplines. He makes connections between narrative and visual art.

In four scenes, ‘Close ups Cut-outs’ shows dialogues from a picture novella, including the text balloons. In them Maroto analyses the digital photo right down to its basic elements. He blows up the photos enormously, cuts out minute pixels, and creates layered collages of different faces.

He continues with this narrative aspect in his visual and sound installations ‘Seven Masks, A Memory’ and ‘An Echo’. As you listen, you can connect the images to the text, thus experiencing the photo series in a personal manner.



Galerie Sign
Winschoterkade 10, Groningen
050 3132651


Partial accessible for wheelchairs

Opening hours
Tuesday till Sunday 12-17 hrs

Opening: 10 September 18 hrs


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