• Evelien Bernabela

Evelien Bernabela en Victoria Rojas Milesi / Wim Vaas - Forma Aktua: 30 years / Art & Snapshot

Evelien Bernabela and Victoria Rojas Milesi - Forma Aktua: 30 years

An impression of modern society, interaction and unlimited possibilities; the individual comes in contact with others, and artists present themselves in this place. Assembled fragments together give an impression of these meetings.


Wim Vaas - Art & Snapshot

Seeking stability and certainty in unpredictable circumstances, in the the wisdom of our art shamans.

Forma Aktua Pinakotheek makes contemporary visual art accessible to a wide audience for affordable prices.


Galerie Forma Aktua
Nieuwstad 10, Groningen
050 3133342


Opening hours
Tuesday till Sunday 13-17 hrs

Opening: 10 September 19 hrs

Activities (free)

16 September 5-8 p.m.: Photographer's café ‘Meet and Greet’, with live music and live portrait photography.

30 September 8-10 p.m.: Podium Aktua: theme: poets and photographers.

7 October 8-10 p.m.: Film ‘Forma Aktua De jaren 80’, by Beeldlijn.


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