• Henri Blommers


Henri Blommers, Linelle Deunk, Bart Koetsier, Axel Pawlik, Katharina Pöhlmann, Willemijn van Poppel, Serge Maes, Sander Troelstra, Sandra de Witte, Els Zweerink

The ten photographers in Broos have their roots in the Fotoacademie Amsterdam; among them are winners of the Silver Camera, Photo Academy Award and PANL Award. In their photography all pose the question of how the fragile relates to the hardness of the city. That produces intimate portraits in a cold environment, of street kids who seek camaraderie, and large-size cityscapes that come to life in the details.

The high spaces in the fine old building on the Martinikerkhof are a congenial home for exhibitions.


Kunstlievend Genootschap Pictura
St. Walburgstraat 1, Groningen
050 3122953


Partially accessible for wheelchairs

Opening hours
Wednesday till Saturday 13-17 hrs
Sunday 14-17 hrs

Opening: 10 September 15 hrs


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