• Andris Kozlovskis

Andris Kozlovskis - In the World of Socialism

With this long-term social document, the Latvian photographer Andris Kozlovskis examines the old practices among the people of countries with a socialistic past. The images portray occurrences of common socialistic behavior easily recognizable by those sharing the same fate in modern Cuba and Belarus. Kozlovskis holds these countries against the light and confronts its people in their daily lives with practices and traces of the past.

The photos are taken with a custom re-built digital camera that accepts infra-red radiation - the invisible light. Kozlovskis uses this technique as a metaphor for the invisibility of the past in the present reality.


Veenkoloniaal Museum
Museumplein 5, Veendam
0598 364224


Opening hours
Tuesday till Thursday 11-17 hrs
Friday till Monday 13-17 hrs

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