• Ludo van Dijken

  • Klaartje Esch

Ludo van Dijken / Klaartje Esch - Making room, leaving room / Seen As Never Before

Ludo van Dijken - Making room, leaving room

In his photographs Van Dijken attempts to find a solution for the integration of city and countryside. The buildings are lifted off the ground to make room for the landscape and nature. The absence of detail leaves room for imagination. Where, for instance, are the people, the animals, the trees and the traffic?

Klaartje Esch - Seen As Never Before

In Klaartje Esch's colourful night photographs a world that appears to go unnoticed comes to life. Deserted places become surreal, and the long exposure extracts unique colours and an aura of mystery from the ambient light that is present.


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