• Apostolis Zolotakis

Apostolis Zolotakis - Memeplex II

A meme is a mental gene, controlling the thought process. This effects behaviour, and propagates a pattern. All knowledge that is handed down is comprised of memes. Memes can be slogans, melodies, icons or inventions, but they only become memes when someone begins to reproduce them and pass them on. Religious and political dogmas, social movements and styles, traditions and customs, paradigms and languages are meme complexes.

Apostolis Zolotakis has built an installation in which he has brought together various objects, ideas and meanings, to create a symbiosis in the mind of the spectator, so that they take on a new significance. Photography plays a prominent role in this.


The Noorderstation Art Project Foundation has fitted up the old stairheads of Groningen's North Station as exhibition spaces. Four minutes by train from Central Station, and six minutes by bus 11 from the Grote Markt.


(Station Groningen Noord)
Kastanjelaan 1, Groningen
050 3604264


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