• Barbara de Vries

Noorderlicht @ Anderwereld 2011

In Polar Circle, Dolph Kessler & Zoltin Peeter show cold landscapes around the polar circles, a cross of refinement with the sometimes raw reality. Kessler photographs, Peeter processes, organises, redefines and interprets.

Stephan Vanfleteren makes tranquil worlds in black and white, using phenomena and portraits from everyday life. He has won various Dutch and international prizes for them.

Barbara de Vries creates a new reality of emotions in compositions of her own photos and images from elsewhere, with the computer as her paintbrush and the images as her paint.


Galerie Anderwereld
Stationsstraat 7, Groningen
050 3114446


Opening hours
Wednesday till Sunday 12-17 hrs
Opening: 11 September 16-18 hrs


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