• Joelle de Vries


Frederieke van Dongen, Ronald Damwijk, Nic Opdam, Jelle Sloot, Marcel Brons, Antje Fierens, Kees Rutten, Olga Simonenko, Joelle de Vries, Annemarie Ruys

With the theme of Metropolis in the back of their minds, a small group of students at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam went to work. What is happening today in the city? The consumer society, loneliness, the transition from rural to urban, economic decline... How do you experience the city at night? All topics and questions that occupy us every day.

The Nederlandse Fotovakschool offers students the artistic, technical and business expertise that is required to go to work successfully as professional photographers.


University library
Broerstraat 4
050 3635000


Opening hours
Monday till Friday 8.30-22 hrs
Saturday and Sunday 10-17 hrs

Opening: 16 September 17 hrs


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