• Coco Duivenvoorde

  • Kea Schipper

  • Sofie van Grevenbroek

Photography NOW - Unseen TALENT

Coco Duivenvoorde, Sofie van Greevenbroek, Rein Janssen, Ines Kuipers, Mo Schalkx, Kea Schipper, Strom Stufkens, Netta Tauber and Irene Vinkenburg

Photography viewed from the perspective of autonomous art, that seeks out the boundaries of photography: what is possible, what is new? This exhibition is about the tension between knowing and seeing. It sparks off dialogue, the viewer is stimulated, moved and challenged. The photographers are 2011 graduates in photography from the academies in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Utrecht, Den Haag and Groningen.

The owners live surrounded by contemporary art and design in an inspirational total artwork of architecture, interior design, art and nature. Like the location, the collection is spectacular, with one-of-a-kind items and prototypes, chiefly by Dutch artists and designers.


Museum Kunstpaviljoen
Zevenhuisterweg 4B, Nieuw Roden
050 5016383


Opening hours
Saturday and Sunday 13-17 hrs
Opening: 11 September 15 hrs

€ 7,00 pp, CJP € 5,00 pp, below 12 years admission free

Groups can make reservations for a guided tour, with or without coffee/tea or lunch.

The adjoining Koetshuis is fitted up for comfortable and luxurious overnight accommodations.


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