• Jitske Hagens

  • Apostolis Zolotakis

  • Khiang H. Hei

Jitske Hagens, Khiang H. Hei, Apostolis Zolotakis - Protest & Prominence

An international group that brings observant and striking reinterpretations.

Jitske Hagens is guided by her outlook on everyday life, which like her work balances between opposites: uneasiness versus well-being. The fragility of that balance means it can be disrupted at any moment.

Khiang H. Hei makes documentary photo reportage on social and cultural frictions in South-East Asia, in relation to his own personal history and experience.

Apostolis Zolotakis studied graphic design and photography at the ABK Minerva. On the interface between visual art and photography, he investigates the shifts in our perception as a consequence of new technologies.


Venestraat 88, Assen
(location DefKa Campis)
0592 315316


Opening hours
Thursday till Sunday 13-17 hrs
Opening: Sunday 11 September, 15 hrs

The Stedelijk Museum Assen for Contemporary Art (SMAHK) arose out of DeFKa, the Department of Philosophy and Art in Assen, and focuses on presentations by and through artists who are related to Assen in one way or another.


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