• Rumspringa

Jolanda Brons / Frederiek Bosch - Rumspringa

After their sixteenth birthday, Amish youth are given a chance to see life in the rest of the world, rumspringa. After that they can consciously make the choice to remain in the Amish community. This exhibition is a photographic reconstruction of the lives of Frederiek Bosch (b. 1987) and Jolanda Brons (b. 1976) as young people in an urban environment full of temptations. It conveys the dramatic character of the search to arrive at the peace of one's own home.


Galerie Simplon is on the first storey of the pop music venue Simplon (lift present).

Coffee / tea € 1,- at the reception desk. Every Thursday evening free live music during Simplon UP, the evening for young local talent. Saturday admission only during concerts.


Galerie Simplon
Boterdiep 69, Groningen
050 3185150


Opening hours
Tuesday till Friday 11-16 hrs
Tuesday also 20.30-1 hrs


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