• Y. Dollee

Verkuno - Since we have met anew

Marian Ciebrant, Yvonne Dollee, Lieke Fortuin, Sonja Leutholff and Carolien Luykx

This year the subject of the exhibition by the Verkuno artists' association is ‘flowers’. In the works by members and non-members we see a world in which, under the influence of colour and light, flowers are part of a new, fantastic landscape. Another dimension comes into being, with room for a totally different experience. The flower is all-dominant.

Galerie Het Koetshuis at Havezathe Mensinge lies on the edge of the woods, and is a part of the museum. Tip: visit the restaurant in the adjoining Coachman's House for coffee with home-made baked goods. (Closed Monday and Tuesday.)


Koetshuis van Havezathe Mensinge
Mensingeweg 3, Roden


Opening hours
Thursday till Sunday 13.30-17 hrs


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