• Koos Lina

  • Loes W. Greiner

Koos Lina / Loes W. Greiner - Symphony of Light / Expansion and transience

Loes W. Greiner - Expansion and transience
This work can be seen as cities that blossom, landscapes that change as a result of human intervention, and with all the knowledge that it is temporary and transitory.

Koos Lina - Symphony of light
She constructs still-lifes of collected odds and ends, when the sun begins to shine she rushes to her atelier to record her constructions with the camera under the right light.


Cultureel Centrum Zuidhorn
Jellemaweg 3, Zuidhorn
0594 507088


Opening hours
Monday till Thursday 14-17.30 hrs
Tuesday and Friday also 18.30-20.30 hrs
Thursday and Saturday also 10-13 hrs


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