• Gerard Kingma

Gerard Kingma - The mystery of the Groningen landscape

For Gerard Kingma, landscape photography is a continual search for the essence of the landscape. In that respect, Groningen's landscape does not easily give up its secrets. On an overcast day it reveals little. But at the same time, it also has nothing to hide. And if it feels like it, it can even put on an extravagant show.

The exhibition is in the museum's garden, adjoining the church square, in front of the Nicolaïkerk in the heart of Appingedam.


Museum Stad Appingedam
Wijkstraat 25, Appingedam
0596 680168


Opening hours
Tuesday till Friday 11-17 hrs
Saturday and Sunday 13-17 hrs

Admission garden: free (admission museum: € 3,50 pp, various discounts)


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