• Irene Schaap

Young in Groningen in 2011 # 2

Harry Bos, Angelique Don, Alexander Meter, Mirjam Offringa, Irene Schaap, Janine Spoelman

Galerie Noord shows new work in the media of photography and film, from recent graduates of Academie Minerva Groningen. It is characteristic of their attitude and training that they are curious, can set up their own research, dare to experiment and – if necessary – make their own rules. They go their own way and can work independently. Surprises are definitely not out of the question!

Galerie Noord is an artists' initiative that opened its doors in January, 1997. The participating artists are responsible for the artistic policy.


Galerie Noord
Nieuwstad 6, Groningen


Opening hours
Tuesday till Saturday 13-17 hrs
Sunday 9 October 13-17 hrs


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