Mundos Creados

Multifaceted and colourful portrait of Latin America

Under the title 'Mundos Creados', 40 local, 5 European and 10 Dutch photographers sketch a multifaceted and colourful portrait of Latin America and Latin American photography. Not only has the work shown by the participating photographers never before been seen in The Netherlands, but it is also the first time that a group exhibition in The Netherlands has been devoted to photography from that region.

'Mundos Creados' is comprised of four exhibitions that are accommodated in four locations close to one another: the Fries Museum, Museum Princessehof and Galerij Romein, and the Manege, a former military riding academy right on the doorstep of the festival, and fitted up as an exhibition hall for the occasion.

  • Mundos Creados I

    Photography from the Wider Caribbean area

    Fries Museum, Leeuwarden

    The main exhibition is held in the Fries Museum, where work is shown by photographers from the Wider Caribbean area. The emphasis is on contemporary photographers, that especially use constructed photography as a means to investigate their culture.

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  • Mundos Creados II

    Documentary work from Latin America

    Manege, Leeuwarden

    The Manege is the largest location in the second part of the main programming. This part of 'Mundos Creados' is about Latin America in a broad sense, featuring work made by local as well as western photographers. In contrast to the first part in the Fries Museum, which is about constructed photography, here Noorderlicht shows photography that is mainly documentary in character.

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  • Mundos Creados III

    Princessehof & Galerij Romein

    The third and fourth part of 'Mundos Creados' are presented in Het Princessehof Leeuwarden and Galerij Romein. A special part of the programming in Het Princessehof is the premiere of Hannes Wallrafen's new project about Honduras, 'Of Time and the Tropics'. In Galerij Romein the work of five female Mexican photographers is shown.

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  • GKf

    Passion in the Polder

    When one thinks of The Netherlands, 'passion' is not the first word that comes to mind. The stereotypical image is rather that of level-headedness, putting things in perspective and negotiated settlements. On the other hand, when it comes to Central and South America, the stereotypical image calls up such associations as swinging, colourful, sultry and exotic.

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