Noorderlicht International Photography Festival 2019

TAXED TO THE MAX least you are not afraid to live life on the brink of chaos

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The 26th edition of the Noorderlicht International Photography Festival examines the societal tensions created by international conglomerates with their vast accumulations of capital and their influence on national and global politics. TAXED TO THE MAX asks: how does the increasingly perfected entanglement of corporatism, finance capital and modern government affect the lives of regular people? With the 34 participants, the festival presents a refreshing mix of photo series, mixed media, video and sound installations, performances, and spatial work on this theme.

Alan Gignoux | Anika Schwarzlose | Bérangère Fromont | Brigitte de Langen | Coralie Vogelaar | David Klammer | Davide Monteleone | Dorothée Elisa Baumann | Ezio D’Agostino | Gina Peyran Tan | Glenna Gordon | Igor Tereshkov | Ishan Tankha | Ivar Veermäe | John Vink | Jos Jansen | Joseph Rodríguez | Kanad Chakrabarti | Lana Mesic | Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond-Skeaping | Mari Bastashevski | Mark Curran | Martin Toft | Marvin Leuvrey | Michele Borzoni | Oliver Ressler & Zanny Begg | Sergey Novikov & Max Sher | Sven Johne | Thomas Kuijpers | Tony Fouhse | Ursula Biemann 


A new Noorderlicht initiative is a mentorship for young curators. With this program we realize our ambition to not only produce exhibitions and festivals, but to also invest in emerging voices and share our experience and knowledge. George Knegtel (Netherlands, 1992) and Laura Carbonell Reyes (Colombia, 1986) have been selected for this pilot edition. They compiled the exhibition ‘Worlds, People, Places’.

Daniël Siegersma | Keijiro Kai | Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan & Tolin Alexander | Lucia Nimcova & Sholto Dobie | Marcos Ávila Forero | Roberto Huarcaya



12 am, Noorderlicht, Akerkhof 12
On this first Sunday of the festival, George Knegtel and Laura Carbonell Reyes present their exhibition 'Worlds, People, Places'. The meeting is opened by a performance by British musician and artist Sholto Dobie. Then the artists that are present (Keijiro Kai, Daniël Siegersma and Sholto Dobie) are introduced and the audience can talk to them about their work in an informal setting.

2 pm, Oude Conservatorium, Radesingel 6
Festival curator Hester Keijser will have a discussion with Ivar Veermäe, Lena Dobrowolska and Teo Ormond-Skeaping, about how to present socially engaged themes with visual media. Following the debate, the artists will talk about their exhibited work.


A passe-partout provides admission to all eight main locations [1 x at each location) and is valid until the 1st of december. Tickets are available at all main locations (open Wednesday through Sunday from 12 am to 6 pm), except at VRIJDAG. All locations pin only, except Noorderlicht, where you can also pay in cash.

Passe-partout: € 10
Passe-partout student & CJP: € 7,50
Children < 13 years: free
Friends of Noorderlicht: free
Stadjerspas (max. 1 passe-partout per pass): free
Publication: € 5


MAIN LOCATIONS (wed-sun from 12 to 6 pm)
Oude Conservatorium Radesingel 6 | Groningen | NL
Noorderlicht Akerkhof 12 | Groningen | NL
De Zwarte Doos Eendrachtskade Zuidzijde 2 | Groningen | NL
CBK Groningen Trompsingel 27a | Groningen | NL
VRIJDAG Walstraat 34 | Groningen | NL
Y2 Oosterhamrikkade 2Y | Groningen | NL
Galerie Noord Nieuwstad 6 | Groningen | NL
Fotogalerie Lichtzone Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 3 | Groningen | NL

OFF-LOCATIONS (different dates and opening times possible)
SIGN Winschoterkade 10 | Groningen | NL
galerie with tsjalling: Kostersgang 26a | Groningen | NL
Galerie H200 Bloemsingel 200 | Groningen | NL
Galerie MooiMan Noorderstationsstraat 40 | Groningen | NL
Galerie del Campo Drijberseweg 12 | Wijster | NL
CBK Emmen Ermerweg 88b | Emmen | NL
het MOW Hoofdweg 161 | Bellingwolde | NL
Museum Klooster Ter Apel Boslaan 3-5 | Ter Apel | NL
Tetem Stroinksbleekweg 16 | Enschede | NL