Fearless Genius

Doug Menuez

During a period of fifteen years, Doug Menuez captured the efforts of a select group of engineers, designers, entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley. He began in 1985, when Apple laid off Steve Jobs. Menuez followed his path to rehabilitation and this example gradually won him the trust of more than seventy companies and numerous investors. He witnessed how highly-gifted and fearless programmers had put everything on the line to realise their ideas – health, fortune and family.

With this uncompromising approach and the technology they developed, they unleashed a digital revolution that has transformed every aspect of our lives. But the price was high: marriages broke down, several programmers went insane, and millions of dollars were lost. Behind this harsh reality, Menuez discovered the playful, primary need to invent tools that provided the progress of humanity with a new momentum. Uncontrollable, hungry and wild – which ultimately makes the digital revolution into something human. In 1999, Menuez decided to bring the project to a close; greed and shares had pushed aside the idealism, the Internet bubble was about to burst. FEARLESS GENIUS is both a document of historical interest and an example with which Menuez wants to inspire a new generation.