Press Information

The gala opening of the 22nd Noorderlicht International Photofestival, DATA RUSH, will take place on 22 August from 5 pm. The press is warmly invited.

Press can also preview the exhibitions from 2 pm on. Curator Wim Melis is available for interviews at the old Sugar Factory. In the Noorderlicht Photogallery curators Andrea Stultiens and Alex Supartono will be present at the exhibition Making Oneself.


Please contact us for the preview, press material, images and interview requests:, + 31 (0)50 - 318 22 27.

The following photographers and artists will be present during the opening, and are available for interviews: 

DATA RUSH: Sterling Crispin | David Howe | Lori Hepner | Roc Herms | Max Colson | Mintio | Hannes Hepp | Mari Bastashevski | Mark Curran | Arantxa Gonlag | Thiemo Kloss | Wendy McMurdo | Joyce Overheul | Julian Roeder | Heinrich Holtgreve | Arnold Koroshegyi | Ivar Veermae |

PULSE: Stephane Charpentier | Boris Eldagsen | Helio Leon | Alisa Resnik | Magdalena Switek | Rogier ten Hacken | Dieter Neubert                                               

Making Oneself: Eiffel Chong | Samsul Alam | Agan Harahap | Nii Obodai | Papa Shabani

Gea Smidt en Jaap-Henk Hoepman, founders of the WAMS Foundation will also be present.