Galleria Unexpected


Element BDGK3M2OPRS3V3

A scintillating group exhibition featuring new work by students who have graduated in the last three years from the Groningen branch of the Fotoacademie; a renowned independent educational institute for photography. Their work pretty much covers the entire spectrum of the medium: autonomous, documentary, staged, landscape, portrait. The photographs have been created especially for this exhibition, which is curated by the Fotoacademie tutor Marco Wiegers. The exhibition title is composed of the first letters of the participating photographers’ surnames; they are isotopes of the same element.


Annemarie van Buuren | Carina Dolfing | Pieter Tonnis de Graaf | Jolanda Kleij | Michaël Knol | Rinkje Miedema | Judith Minks | Joséphine Kurvers | Ralf Onvlee | Stephan de Poorter | Peter Ruiter | Johan Scheffers | Gea Schenk | Cisca Sibon-Pichel | Willem Vegter | Erik Jan Venhuizen | Janet Vermist



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