Kunstruimten Noorderstation - NoordWest

John Oosting - H.E.N.K. VI

John Oosting calls his work visual techno, because he visually processes aspects that are important in techno music. Techno’s abstraction is the most essential aspect in this. The geometry in Oosting’s work is mixed with influences from everyday life such as video games, architecture, comic books, art and nightlife.

Imperative in techno as well as in art is the place where you experience it. Are you stood in a large hall, a small club, in a gallery or just walking down the street? In his work, Oosting researches the relationship between music, image and architecture in drawings, installations, sculptures and murals.

  • 22 Oct through 30 Nov 2017
  • can be seen 24/7
  • Station Groningen Noord | Kastanjelaan 1, Groningen NL
  • +31 50- 3604264
  • www.skpn.nl


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