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Apostolis Zolotakis en Frans-Jan Wind - Zolitar

Apostolis Zolotakis and Frans-Jan Wind | Zolitar

Zolitar interactively leads us into a virtual universe. Frans-Jan Wind (Virtual Emotions) wrote the code. Zolitar is based on old glass positives of the city of Rome. Zolotakis assimilated them into paintings. They are digitalised and split into layers according to light intensity. The layers form the ‘planets’, three-dimensional cubes floating in space. The viewer can influence the light via ‘satellites’, and move with the planets as well as through them.

  • 22 OCt through 30 Nov 2017
  • can be seen 24/7
  • Station Groningen Noord | Kastanjelaan 1, Groningen NL
  • + 31 50 3604264
  • www.skpn.nl


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