Lucian Wester | Anne Geene & Arjan de Nooy

Lucian Wester - Imago Temporis & Imago Libri

The bedrock of Lucian Wester’s research-based working method is his curiosity into how our world is constructed. In Imago Temporis and Imago Libri, he examines the photographic medium; through unravelling and reconstructing, a complex entirety is created that gives the photographs a new meaning, often in a philosophical-social context.

Anne Geene & Arjan de Nooy

Anne Geene & Arjan de Nooy carry out quasi-scientific research: scientific facets are combined with typical photographic qualities. Camouflage, mimicry, serendipity as well as collecting, reclassifying and recontextualising are all aspects that characterise their series/publications including Ornithologie and AA fotowerken. Sometimes making use of another person’s archive, they create new systems of classification.

  • 21 Oct through 19 Nov 2017
  • tue - sun 12.00 - 17.00
  • opening sun 22 Oct 16.00 pm 
  • Winschoterkade 10, Groningen NL
  • + 31 50 3132651
  • Partly wheelchair accessible


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