Sense of Space

Human experience on space

The eighth edition of the Noorderlicht Photofestival opened in the Der Aa-Kerk in Groningen, the Netherlands. The opening was performed by Jan Pronk, Dutch minister for Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, with an introduction by Wicher Pattje, alderman for the municipality of Groningen.

  • Main exhibition 'Sense of Space' with work by 34 photographers from The Netherlands, Germany, France, England, America, Russia and other countries
  • An extensive ancillary exhibition program, with group exhibitions curated by Noorderlicht.
  • Exhibitions in 34 galleries and museums
  • Open podium for local and amateur photographers
  • Several publications, including a catalogue for 'Sense of Space' and a cd-rom

More than 35 museums and galleries and thirty special locations are participating in the only annual international photographic event in The Netherlands. In addition to a large selection of top international photography in the city of Groningen, Noorderlicht 2001 also offers an extensive exhibition programme outside the city.

As a participant in the Saison Française de la Photographie, this year Noorderlicht devotes extra attention to modern French photography. The Saison, initiated by the French embassy in The Netherlands, in cooperation with the AFAA in Paris, is a cultural collaboration including various large Dutch photographic exhibitors, who will each be presenting French artists this autumn.

  • Sense of Space

    8th Noorderlicht Photofestival

    Der Aa-kerk

    How does the character and look of our environment - built-up, undeveloped, domestic, commercial, empty, full - influence our experience of space? And how is that space and that experience interpreted and passed on by photographers? These are the questions which form the point of departure for "Sense of Space," a trip through the human landscape at the beginning of the 21st century.

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  • Revisited

    De Pijp & USVA Noorderlicht Fotogalerie

    In "Revisited" the organisers of Noorderlicht bring together new work by several photographers who participated in main exhibitions in the past.

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  • Visited


    In 'Visited' work is to be seen by photographers searching for encounters, with idyllic life, history, memory, dream en alienation.

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  • Saison Française

    de la Photographie

    The Saison Française de la Photographie project is an initiative of the French embassy in The Netherlands, the AFAA in Paris and various Dutch photography exhibitors. The work of French photographers will be in the limelight at a number of locations around The Netherlands this autumn. Ultimately this project is to result in an exchange of photography between France and The Netherlands.

    Noorderlicht is one of the larger participants in the project, and is presenting more than twenty French photographers. The exhibitions in the Synagogue, Het Quadrant (in the Centre for Visual Arts), De Permanente and the Visual Arts Foundation in Veendam are entirely devoted to French photographers. At other locations - Der Aa-Kerk, Niggendijker and the Kunstpaviljoen - they are part of the group exhibitions being presented.

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  • Place of Dreams


    Behind the realistic looking surface of photographs all too often there lurks a world in which past, present and future all merge into one another. The emotionally ambiguous territory of photography was the point of departure for "Droomoord," which presents work by six photographers - Koos Breukel, Bethany de Forest, Cornelie Tollens (all Ned) Eldon Garnet (Can), Michael Staggemeier (Den) and Gladys (Fra). Their work differs in terms of genre and style, but is linked by the theme of dream and reality, life and death, fear and desire. The exhibition is housed in both the old and new facilities of the Kunstpaviljoen, in Nieuw Roden (Drente). It was commissioned by Noorderlicht, and assembled by a guest curator at the Kunstpaviljoen, Eddie Marsman, better known for his regular position as the photography critic for the NRC Handelsblad.

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  • Stations of the Cross

    Churches in Groningen

    Journey and goal, destination and homecoming: these are the themes, all closely interrelated, that are central in "Kruisweg," a series of surprising exhibitions accommodated in historic churches just outside the city of Groningen. In "Kruisweg" six photographers, from The Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain, each in their own way give shape to the theme of journeying - to the experience of moving through space and time, the experience of being "somewhere else" and the memories afterward. They made photographs along the Amazon and in Africa, in the bewitching light of a silent corridor and the noisy darkness of an Underground, of the movement of thin trees on a frozen field and of self-chastisement during a religious festival.

    The six exhibitions can be visited individually, or as a series. The churches, each only a couple of kilometres from the next, are easily reached by either bicycle or automobile. A route laid out between the two farthest ends of the series, Obergum and Visvliet, part of it meandering through the Reitdiepdal, affords visitors travel experience of their own, through the green Groningen landscape of meadows and fields bordered by woods or hedgerows, as imposing as it is varied.

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  • Wagner

    USVA Fotogalerie

    Erwin Olaf presents two series: "Wagner" and the recent "Fashion Victims." Although "Wagner" is not a new work - Olaf did this series after the famous "Chessmen" - it is only now being seen in The Netherlands for the first time.

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