• Museum Dr8888

  • Irina Rozovsky - In Plain Air

  • Erwan Fichou

Terra Cognita - Urban Jungle

Ancillary Venue

Terra Cognita is a photography exhibition about the relation between man and nature.It is a photographic journey in six chapters, with work which spans a range including landscape photography, documentary photography, art photography and computer generated images. The fifth chapter Urban Jungle is to be seen in the art and cultural-historical Museum Dr8888.

Urban Jungle

Enclaves of green make the urban environment more liveable. From garden plots to parks, from growing your own food to a single house plant, we draw the landscape into the city. Artificial or not, it appeals to a deep desire.

Museum Dr8888

Museum Dr8888 is a venue for the visual arts from the North of the Netherlands and the history of the Smallingerland region. The museum is located in a former Franciscan monastery, built in 1936, on the Museumplein in the centre of Drachten. The museum is famed for its collection of artworks from the internationally important avant-garde movements, De Stijl and Dada.

Museum Dr8888 - ancillary venue

  • Museumplein 2
  • 9203 DD Drachten, The Netherlands
  • www.museumdrachten.nl 
  • Tel: + 31 (0)512 – 515647 
  • The exhibition is mainly wheelchair friendly 
  • Parkingplaces in close vicinity
  • Less then 5 minutes by foot from busstation Drachten - Van Knobelsdorffplein


  • Adults: € 5
  • 65+ : € 2,50
  • Children 13 – 17 years: € 2,50
  • Children under 13: free
  • Guided Tours: € 30 per group (max 15)
Work by 115 photographers from all over the world has been selected for this Festival. The photography is diverse, and flows across the limits of genres. Whether the work is documentary or staged, nature appears to be a vital source of inspiration for photographers. Their visual statements take us along on a journey through a fantastic world.

The chapters 1 through 4 can be found in Museum Belvédère in Heerenveen-Oranjewoud, chapter 5 in Museum Dr8888 in Drachten, chapter 6 in Museum Willem van Haren in Heerenveen and an appendix in the Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden.