• Outdoor Exhibition

    Into the Unknown

  • Museum Belvédère


  • Patricia van de Camp - My own Wilderness

    Part of Chapter 1: The Enchanted Forest.

  • Jon Cazenave - Amalur

    Part of Chapter 2: Safe Haven.

  • Toni Hafkenscheid - Confabulation

    Part of Chapter 3: Inspiration

  • Catherine Nelson - Danube 2012

    Part of Chapter 4: Into the Unknown

Terra Cognita

Main venue

The 19th edition of the Noorderlicht International Photofestival transcends photographic genres to sketch a picture of the relation between man and nature, on the basis of the work of 115 photographers.

Terra Cognita is about the experience of nature, in all its manifestations, from tactile, living and breathing nature, to the nature of our thoughts, its dreamed and fantastic incarnations. Although man sometimes seems to be hardly present in the photos, he has unmistakably left his stamp on it. In all this work the landscape reveals the emotions and thoughts that the photographer has projected on it. The diverse and complex ways in which we see and experience landscapes – the nature in our genes and our minds – echo through the breadth of Terra Cognita. From timeless black and white to conceptual or computer generated, the blending of genres is total. Like nature itself, this is an exhibition not just to be seen, but to be experienced.

Oranjewoud Estate Museum Park

Museum Belvédère stands in the Oranjewoud Estate Museum Park, with splendid gardens and water features and a rich cultural history. The Dutch National Forestry Service has made the park available, so that a large part of the exhibition can be integrated into these beautiful outdoor spaces.

Museum Belvédère shows four of the six chapters of Terra Cognita.
1. The Enchanted Forest
2. Safe Haven
3. Inspiration
4. Into The Unknown

Museum Belvédère -  Main Venue

  • Oranje Nassaulaan 12
  • 8448 MT Heerenveen-Oranjewoud,
    The Netherlands
  • www.museumbelvedere.nl
  • Tel: +31 (0)513 - 644 999 
  • Opening hours:
    Tuesday trough Sunday, 11 am - 5 pm
  • The exhibition is wheelchair friendly


  • Public transit: On weekends shuttle buses run from the Heerenveen NS station to the museum.
  • Car: Take exit 11 (Oranjewoud) from the A32. Follow the ANWB directional signs for Oranjewoud. Take the Oranje Nassaulaan to the end, at a large car park.


  • Adults: € 8
  • Children under 12: free
  • Groups: € 7,25 (>10p.)
  • Guided Tours € 30 per group (max 15 p.)  

1. The Enchanted Forest

Mysterious, unfathomable and timeless. We lose ourselves in the overgrowth, wandering in a world which by turns is serene and sinister. Here man is only a nonentity, out of his element. This is a primeval landscape that appeals to primeval instincts.

2. Safe Haven

Man and nature form a harmonious dyad. The landscape is open and safe, in part designed by man, who in turn seeks rest and recreation there. This is landscape as a museum, a playground, and a canvas on which we paint the intimate stories of our lives.

3. Inspiration

Nature: the source of inspiration for artist who manipulate the image, nature itself, or both. Here we see a diverse selection of work from photographers who stretch the technical possibilities and content of landscape art to the limits.

4. Into The Unknown

Unseen nature made visible, from the microscopic to the extraterrestrial, from our fondest hopes to our deepest fears. We travel through space and time, through dreams and narratives, on the borders of photography and computer generated imagery.