Film Programme

Noorderlicht has prepared a video programme especially for this festival. It provides extra background information about several of the participating photographers. In this way you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the photographers, the theme and, of course, the medium of photography in still another way.
  • Address: Museum Dr8888, Museumplein 2, Drachten

  • Free after museum admission

  • Total duration: appr. 1.5 hrs

  • The film programme is shown in a continous loop, all day, every day. You can start watching at any moment.

  • Mainly English spoken

The videos are:

Meike Nixdorf

In brief atmospheric impressions alternating with her beautiful landscape photos, we follow Meike Nixdorf as she photographs for 'In the Orbit of El Teide'. The photographer from Berlin travelled to Tenerife for her project.

  • In the Orbit of El Teide - A video documentary

  • Credits: Filmed & edited by Grit Hackenberg © 2011/2012, b&w photography by Grit Hackenberg © 2011, color photography by Meike Nixdorf © 2011, music by Nine Inch Nails: '13 Ghosts II'

  • 6:57 minutes | Germany


Peter Solness

'Nocturnal' provides us with insight into the nocturnal adventures of the Australian photographer Peter Solness. His night landscape photos are particularly unusual for their use of artificial light installations that he sometimes even has attached to this clothing.

  • Nocturnal

  • Produced by Anna War

  • 4:42 minutes | Australia


Simon Roberts

In 'How to take a photograph on a 5 x 4 inch camera' Simon Roberts explains to us how and why he works with a view camera. The young British photographer reminds us again of all the beauties of 'the anti-snapshot machine'.

  • How to take a Photograph on a 5 x 4 inch Camera

  • Credits: National Media Museum

    Part of exhibition 'We English', 2010

  • 4:46 minutes | Great Britain


Rena Effendi

The fascinating and atmospheric slide show 'Oil Village' lets us see portraits of residents of a village where nature seems to have been overcome by waste from the oil industry.

  • Oil Village

  • Credits: Institute for Artist Management (Azerbaijan). Music by: The News Breed / Half seas over

  • Oil Village by Rena Effendi was part of Multimedia Night: Women in Mulitmedia, curated by Laura de Marco and Erica McDonald for Arte Fiera, gepresenteerd bij Spazio Labo', Center of Photography in Bologne, Italy, January 2012

  • 2:35 minutes | Azerbaijan / Egypt


Renui Zhao  | Simon Roberts

Troika Editions has done a series of videos about their photographers, in which they talk about the things which fascinate them. 
Simon Roberts tells about 'Sunderland vs. Liverpool' and the relation that we as people have with the landscape. 

Renhui Zhao speaks about his meeting with scientists at the "Critical Zoologists" institute, deep in the forests of China. Zhao is interested in the principles behind the distribution of knowledge and the acceptance of truths.

  • Interviews

  • Credits: A Troika Editions video made by Michael Walter.

  • 5:00 minutes | Great Britain


Michael Flomen

Under the Cover of darkness

In the splendid documentary 'Under the cover of darkness' we see the artist Michael Flomen at work. The world is his camera, the night his darkroom. It is an inspiring document about how experimentation and an unconventional manner of working can produce little gems.

  • Under the cover of darkness
  • Credits: La Maison de l' image et de la photographie

  • 27:10 minutes | Canada


Hiroyuki Masuyama

‘Self portrait' and '01.01.2011-31.12.2011' are video works by the Japanese artist Masuyama. By means of photo animation they reveal the small visual changes that time defines in a landscape.

  • Self portrait: 2:18 minutes

  • 01.01.2011-31.12.2011: 55 seconds


Scarlett Hooft Graafland

'March of many dots' is an observational video which looks over the shoulder of the photographer Hooft Graafland while she is at work in the overwhelming landscape of Norway.

  • March of many dots

  • Credits: Huis Marseille

  • 1:48 minutes | Norway


James Whitlow Delano

Delano, who as an American has been living in Japan for many years, tells about what he encountered when he came home to Japan after the devastating tsunami. One of the few journalists to repeatedly enter the 'no go area', he has recorded bizarre images of the consequences of a disaster that wiped away or changed everything.

  • In Conversation with James Whitlow Delano

  • Credits: Saxony

  • 7:11 minutes | Japan


Thomas Wrede

This video shows the committed and intensive way in which Thomas Wrede works. He tells about how he creates his landscapes and very patiently photographs them.

  • Interview

  • Credits: Deutsche Welle / Euromax

  • 5:36 minutes | Germany


Susannah Sayler & Edward Morris

In the project 'Expedition Gowanus' the artists have a mission to make people conscious of their immediate environment and its pollution. This video is a report of a project in which students, canoeing through the borough of Brooklyn in New York City, collect material for an unusual art project.

  • Expedition Gowanus

  • Credits: Brooklyn Independent Television

  • 7:44 minutes | USA


Graeme Williams

South Africa artists are in the ascendancy. We are showing a part of a documentary with interviews of South African artists. Graeme Williams tells about his work and experiences.

  • Interview

  • Credits: Elizabeth Harney & Diana Frankel (Producers)

  • 3:41 minutes | South Africa


Erik Jan van de Geer

Van de Geer was 'artist in residence' for a month in Marxloh, Germany. Here we have a pleasant report and playful impression of his work and the residency period.

  • One Month in Marxloh

  • Credits: Labkultur, camera and editing: Jürgen Piechutta

  • 3:42 minutes | Germany


Gerco de Ruijter

With a kite and a remote-controlled camera Gerco de Ruijter makes bird's-eye photos of the landscape. This video shows exactly how the does that in his work, and at the same time is a pleasant portrait of this Dutch photographer.

  • Interview

  • Credits: NPS & Diafragma Films present: a film by Marc Schmidt, 010 Foto Rotterdam, producer: Joop de Jong / editor: Annemiek van der Zanden

  • 9:54 minutes | Netherlands

This production was made with the support of: Rotterdam Mediafonds, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Stichting bevordering van volkskracht, Thuiskopie fonds and NPS. 


We have done our utmost to obtain permission for the public screening of this material. In the event that you encounter something you believe has been obtained wrongfully, please do not hesitate to contact us.