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Josien de Geus | Maartje Jaquet - Horizon en stadstuin, landschap als illusie van de natuur

Josien de Geus and Maartje Jaquet 

Horizon and Urban Garden, landscape as the illusion of nature
Josien de Geus (Horizon) studied at the Royal Academy for the Visual Arts in The Hague. Her work consists of multi-layered constructions of photography, drawing and painting, and computer graphics that model interpretation on the process of perception. In her work the horizon is a recurrent metaphor that reflects the boundary between the finite and the infinite

Maartje Jaquet (Urban Garden) studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Her work is comprised of photos and films that show the poetry, humour, absurdity and surrealism of the world around her. Although the titles and poems give some indication of Jaquet’s own associations, enough space is left for the viewer’s imagination.

AlleskAn | Kunstlokaal â„–8

  • Schoterlandseweg 55
  • 8411 XX Jubbega
  • 0516 463141 / 06 25590598
  • www.alles-kan.info
  • 8 through 23 Sept.
  • Sat. and Sun.12 noon- 6:00 p.m. and by appointment
  • In the former school building near the Jubbega-Schurega church.


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